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Process advantages of ultra-fine vertical mill processing calcium carbonate in Liming Heavy Industry

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-23

Calcium carbonate is a valuable resource for a wide range of uses, can be used as a filler in rubber, plastic, paper, paint and ink industries, can also be widely used in organic synthesis, metallurgy, glass and asbestos production, and as an important building material has a long history of mining. Recently, many old customers and new friends to Dawn heavy industry consulting calcium carbonate ultra-fine micro powder processing equipment, we through the previous customer experience in the use of equipment, today a unified focus on the large calcium carbonate fine grinding process in the "tool" - LUM ultra-fine vertical grinding mill.

LUM series ultra-fine vertical mill is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment designed and developed by Liming Heavy Industry based on 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of four generations of mills, based on LM vertical mill and the introduction of German ultra-fine vertical mill roller technology.

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Technical features of LUN ultra-fine vertical mill

1、Excellent quality of finished products: Adopting the principle of material layer grinding, the finished products have high whiteness and netness; the grinding curve of specially designed roller sleeve and liner plate can be ground to the required fineness (0.045-0.02mm) at one time.

2、Good powder selection technology:Adopting the principle of multi-wheel powder selection, the fineness of the finished product can be realized within the selected range; and the production of the same fineness of the finished product is 30%-50% more energy-efficient than ordinary mills.

3、Convenient operation: Adopt PLC/DCS automatic control of grinding roller pressurization control mode, convenient control, no manual operation.

4、Easy to repair and environmental protection: the grinding roller can be turned out for maintenance, reducing downtime loss; low vibration, low noise, clean and environmental protection.

LUM series ultra-fine vertical mill has a wide range of processing, high output, fine fineness, a wide range of finished product size adjustment to better meet customer needs, strong grinding pressure, stable equipment performance, easy operation and maintenance. Mature equipment technology, perfect after-sales service, the mill soon has a place in the calcium carbonate market, becoming the calcium carbonate investment market customers favored equipment.

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