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Factors affecting the service life of sand making machine, operating precautions of sand making machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-24

The mechanism of sand has become a trend, so that the sand making machine has also become a hot machine in the market, but the working environment of the sand making machine is harsh, long-term open-air work, and the work intensity is high. That about the factors affecting the life of the machine, this machine maintenance and maintenance is certainly also a concern of customers. As a machine manufacturer, today we will talk to you about several factors affecting the life of the machine and the maintenance of the machine maintenance issues.

Factors affecting the life of the sand making machine

First of all, it is certainly the impact of the quality of the product itself, which is the problem of the manufacturer, but also the problem of the budget. Then remove the product itself, that is, the external factors affecting the life of the machine

VSIB Sand making machine

VSIB Sand making machine

1. Material water content, the material water content is too large, in the sand making machine work process will stick in the sand making machine, causing blockage. If the material moisture is not large, but the viscosity is high, it will also cause clogging. So the suitable material is very important.

2. fineness requirements, sand making machine feed to fineness requirements, too large feed size, will cause loss to the sand making machine, general feed is to be processed through the crusher, the material in advance screening good.

3. parts off, sand making machine vibration, parts are easy to fall off, so pay more attention to the vibration aspects of the parts, frequent maintenance and replacement, will make the sand making machine life longer.

Inspection points of equipment work

Mechanized sand production line

Mechanized sand production line

1. No-load start operation, before running, clean up the crushing cavity debris, to prevent the motor from being burned out due to excessive pressure when starting, or have other aspects of damage. So start first, then feed.

2. Suitable material, different sand making machine types correspond to different materials, we select according to their own material size, fineness and humidity, etc. to judge, choose the right sand making machine, otherwise it is easy to occur wear, clogging and other problems.

3. often check the easy to loose parts, if the use of the process of strange noise, timely inspection, tightening.

4. Easy to wear parts, also need to check more, pay attention to replacement.

5. Rotating gears in operation if there is an impact sound should immediately stop and check, and eliminate.

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