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Can waste concrete blocks become recycled resources after crushing and processing

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-05

The rapid development of China's urbanization process has caused a large increase in waste concrete, and the proportion of renewable is also increasing. However, these waste concrete is not effectively used, most of them are not treated and are directly transported to the suburbs or around the city for simple landfill or direct open storage, which wastes land and pollutes the environment; and with the development of urbanization, the demand for sand and gravel increases and resources are limited, recycled concrete is a circular process, so investing in recycled concrete is a good choice.

With the increase of waste concrete, the development of recycled concrete project has good prospects. In concrete contains sand and stone, which play a skeletal role and are called aggregates; cement and water form cement paste, which is wrapped around the surface of the aggregate and fills its voids. Concrete recycled aggregate is the waste concrete, picking, cleaning, grading, according to a certain proportion and gradation mix, part or all can replace sand and gravel and other natural aggregates (mainly coarse aggregate), and then add cement, water, etc. can be formulated into new concrete.

Waste concrete is a variety of concrete blocks that need to be crushed in order to be picked, cleaned and graded. So it needs crushing and processing equipment. There are two kinds of equipment for crushing waste concrete, a fixed crushing line and a mobile crushing plant. These two kinds of crushing have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Concrete Mobile Crushing Plant

Concrete Mobile Crushing Plant

The stationary crushing line is suitable for large crushing projects, which requires three crushing procedures, coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, using jaw crushers, 18 impact crushers or cone crushers and impact crushers. Mobile crushing plant is more flexible compared to fixed crushing production line, it can be moved to convert the site, it is also a small crushing production line, the capacity is too large, you need more than one machine to work at the same time, a single unit, suitable for small and medium production projects. The mobile crushing plant is more suitable for the processing of recycled concrete aggregate, because the site where the waste concrete is placed is itself not fixed, there are many places where there is waste concrete, and it is more convenient to convert the machine to the site directly for processing.

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