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The mechanism sand grain shape is not beautiful enough? How to choose sand making and shaping machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-06

In recent years, the finished sand and gravel aggregate particle size, grading and other requirements, the standard of sand and gravel aggregate has been improving, its application is also more extensive and enhance the value, so the requirements of sand making equipment is also very high, the demand for stone shaping sand making machine more and more to come, then want to stone shaping sand making, with the kind of equipment more appropriate? A set of gravel shaping sand production line are what equipment composition? How much does it cost?

Stone shaping sand making equipment, impact crusher is also known as sand making machine, there are "stone to stone" "stone to iron" two kinds of crushing mode can be converted at will, with stone shaping function, so also known as shaping sand making machine, the sand made of good grain size, uniform size, for construction, hydraulic, highway and so on, The sand can be used for construction, water conservancy, highway and so on. At present, the common shaping sand making equipment mainly has two models:

1、5X series centrifugal impact crusher

5X sand making machine is a new generation of sand making machine developed in the spirit of improving energy utilization, reducing wear rate, extending maintenance cycle, reducing maintenance time, improving crushing efficiency and control level, with energy saving, high output, high energy utilization, excellent product granularity, easy maintenance, wide range of applications, etc., to meet the needs of modern sand and gravel production.

2、VSI6X Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI6X series vertical shaft impact crusher is a new type of sand making and crushing equipment that absorbs many years of research and development experience and technical concepts, adopts new four-port impeller design structure and special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage from the bearing cylinder and other processes, and has a number of national patented technologies, with energy saving, long service life, wide application and other characteristics, helping large sand farms to gradually move towards large-scale and centralized production, in order to meet the national requirements for environmental protection and production capacity requirements.

What is a set of crushing stone shaping sand making equipment?

The above is a simple introduction to the shaping sand making equipment, if the stone is larger or need to configure the crusher, a complete set of sand making equipment to be more efficient,a set of crushing stone shaping sand making equipment are:

crushed stone shaping sand making production line

crushed stone shaping sand making production line

1, coarse crushing equipment - jaw crusher: the first process of crushing all kinds of mineral rocks, mainly crushing stones larger for rough processing, processing capacity of 1-1100 tons per hour.

2、 Medium and fine crushing equipment - cone crusher or impact crusher: both are medium and fine crushing equipment, different materials, cone crusher is more suitable for medium and hard material crushing, while impact crusher is suitable for soft rock crushing.

3、 Sand making equipment--impact crusher: it is the whole sand making equipment mentioned above.

4, supporting equipment - sand washing machine, vibrating screen, etc.; sand washing machine is used with sand making machine bucket type sand washing equipment, both cleaning, dewatering, grading three functions. Vibrating screen is to classify the crushed head or sand after crushing and sand making, and the qualified ones enter the next process, and the unqualified ones return to the upper layer to continue crushing. It can also be used to screen finished materials.

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