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Washed sand production line process, a wet sand production line price

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-06

The whole sand fine sand production line generally contains crushing, sand making, sand washing process, so a full set of equipment down how much does it cost? How to deal with the sewage at the end of the sand washing line, today I will give you a detailed explanation of:

A set of sand washing production line containing crushing, sand making and sand washing how much?

Want to know how much a set of sand washing production line, the first thing to understand a set of what equipment is needed. Common sand fine sand production line mainly consists of jaw crusher, sand making machine,sand washing machine and other major equipment, along with the use of the corresponding vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc..

The main equipment of the whole production line: sand making machine, Liming Heavy Industry VSI6X series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher produces sand with rounded grain shape, continuous grading, and the powder content can be controlled below 3%, which is conducive to the bond between the aggregate and cement, and is an essential equipment in the sand making production line.

Sand making and washing production line process:

1、 Crushing: The raw material with larger grain size can be crushed by jaw crusher or cone crusher first (the raw material with small grain size can ignore this step and make sand directly)

2、 Sand making: evenly sent to the sand making machine by belt conveyor to make sand

3、 Sand washing: After sand making, the materials that reach the finished size requirement are sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning, and then the finished products are output by the finished products conveyor belt, which is the finished products; the materials that do not reach the finished size requirement are returned to the sand making machine from the vibrating screen for reprocessing, forming a closed circuit cycle.

wet sand making process

wet sand making process

A full set of sand production line equipment is more expensive, crusher and sand making machine are more important production equipment in the sand and gravel industry, equipment prices are not low, a full set of equipment down to about a million. Users can choose the production equipment they need according to their own production needs.

How to deal with the final sewage of sand washing production line?

The mechanism sand can be produced by dry and wet method, the production method should be determined according to the product requirements, the environmental conditions, and choose the corresponding process and equipment, the mechanism sand production line, which is professionally built by Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co.

If you choose the wet sand production line, the finished material will be washed to ensure the quality of the finished material, and the sludge water produced will be recycled as production water through the fine sand recovery device and enter the sewage treatment system.

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